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4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Lawn

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You’re driving home from work and you pass by all of your neighbor’s perfect lawns. They’re heavenly, inspired, beautiful and perfect! They must have been created through magic not yet known to the common human! Well, not really. Then what’s their secret? It is actually simpler than it may seem. Here we have four easy tips to improve your lawn. The time has come for your yard to start turning heads.


Heavy foot traffic and lawn machinery will compact the soil under your lawn over time. This makes it very difficult for grass roots and soil to gain the air, water and nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. To loosen the compacted soil to improve your lawn and create passages to the roots, you can use a hand-held or machine-powered aerator. Another idea is strapping on a pair of aerating sandals or shoe attachments. Walking around your yard with these bad boys on will also create the superhighways into the soil that air, water and nutrients need.

Proper Watering

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Mother Nature will usually provide your lawn with enough water, but in the hot summers even the smallest drought can take its toll on your lawn. Properly watering your lawn by hose or irrigation system will be necessary to improve your lawn. Avoid watering between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. because this is the hottest part of the day. Prime watering times are between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. It may be tempting to water overnight when no one notices, but that can invite mildew and fungus into your grass. Be sure to learn your community’s watering regulations because they can very greatly by area.


Your lawn needs healthy soil in order to thrive. When you apply slow-release fertilizer you will encourage the grass roots to venture deeper into the soil and stimulate growth, which will greatly improve your lawn. Think of fertilizer as a well-balanced nutrition shake for your grass to grow big and strong. A landscaping professional can help you improve your lawn with its specific fertilizing needs.

Mow High

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A smart and easy way to figure out the length of your lawn’s roots is to look at the blades of grass. Typically a full blade of grass will be the same length as its roots, so for strong and deep roots mow your grass high. A comfortable height to keep your grass at is about four inches tall. Not only will this give your lawn a deep root system, it will make it more resistant to drought. Think of it as a super lawn!

If you want to improve your lawn and have the yard of envy in the neighborhood, follow these steps we have provided. Like all things in life, a little nurturing and care will greatly improve the health of your lawn. This will also raise the appeal of your home if you wish to sell. If that is the case, click here to learn how to begin your home sale.


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