4 Tips to Make Your Home Look Better

4 Tips to Make Your Home Look Better for Buyers

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So you have been thinking about selling your house, and you want it to look beautiful and inviting but you don’t have the budget for major upgrades. What should you do? There are a few things that can make you house look even better without spending tons of money. All it takes is some time and a little patience to rearrange your home in a way that people will fall in love with it. So we made a list of small, but inexpensive updates that can give you that edge.

Lighting your home

Everyone knows how important first impressions are and if you don’t have good lighting it could be a major disadvantage when it comes to house selling. And that’s a trick used by a lot of designers that want to make small rooms look like a bigger space. They do that by either rearranging or adding new lighting. A dark house can make a home feel small or even dirty, even if that is not the case. It could also make the potential buyer wonder if there are any hidden flaws.

A good starting point is to do a room-by-room light audit by turning on all the lights, opening curtains and blinds, and more importantly, looking at every room with the buyer’s eyes. Always remember that showings could happen at any time during the day so it’s always good to do the audit in the morning and in the evening. And it’s very important to also check the exterior lighting. Potential buyers can always drive by at night to check out the neighborhood.

Repainting your home

Repainting is the simpler way of making a house look new. And the best option is to go with neutral colors. You don’t want buyers to walk in and be distracted by someone else’s style, do you? But be careful, neutral is not to be confused with white. A lot of people think that by going neutral they have to use white. So pick a subtle color and repaint those walls that have too strong of a color. And don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be the walls only. You could always repaint your front door, window trims, some fencing, decks, patios or mailbox posts and give them a fresh look.

Organizing your home

When you have potential buyers looking at house, they have to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and that’s very hard to do when you have your stuff all over the house in every corner. And while you can hire a professional to stage your home, it’s always good to try to clear away as much clutter as you can on your own.

Another area to pay attention when organizing your house is the furniture you have. When professionals stagers go to a house to prepare it for the market, they can remove as much as 50% of the house’s furniture. So it’s very important to take a look at all the items that you can remove to make the house look better.

Cleaning your home

It’s hard to find time for an intensive cleaning on a weekly basis, but you definitely have to find time to do it before any showings. And we are talking about a deep clean. A good start would be to walk around the house searching for dirty and overlooked areas. Grouting is one area where a lot a people don’t pay attention and it makes the house look much better after it’s redone, specially the bathrooms.

Those simple steps can help you improve the look of your home. We would love to help you with any questions you might have.

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