5 Home Improvements to Avoid At All Costs

5 Home Improvements to Avoid (At All Cost)

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Do you plan on moving in two to three years?

If the answer is yes, then stop talking about home improvements. Depending on what you’re considering, some of them will not increase the resale value of your home. You could be wasting your time.

See if any of these are on your list:

1. Pool.

You might think that getting an in-ground pool will increase the value of your home, but you would be surprised to learn that it may not. In fact, it might make it harder to sell because there are families with small children who do not want the added task of maintaining a pool, or the risk of having one of their children playing around it. Pools are also hard on utility bills and homeowner’s insurance. Not to mention the maintenance is constant and never-ending.

2. Fancy Kitchens.

Another example where one might assume that better is well, better. Too many customized appliances or features can turn buyers off and can cost you thousands of dollars that you likely will not see returned to you in the purchase price of the home. If you have to remodel, do it with practical kitchen appliances that fit with the quality of fixtures in the rest of the home.

3. Exotic Bath Tubs.

These cost a lot to install and run. An additional hot water tank specifically for the tub could be a necessity and that means higher energy bills.

4. Elaborate Landscaping.

Proper maintenance of your landscaping is necessary to present a clean, charming home to your buyers, but going over the top with backyard waterfalls and a Koi pond won’t help you sell it any faster. It may not be in everyone’s taste. Spend that time and money on keeping your landscaping manicured and neat instead.

5. Septic tank and new plumbing.

Generally, these home improvements do not produce more income when it’s time to sell your home.


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