5 Tips for Preparing a Smooth Move into Your New Home

5 Tips for Preparing a Smooth Move into Your New Home

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Let’s face it; the joy of moving to a new home can quickly wear off once you realize you actually have to MOVE to a new home. To make that transition a little easier, here are a few tips to help you prepare.

  1. Trains, Planes, and Automobiles….and Friends

Whether you’re planning on hiring movers or recruiting a few friends for some heavy lifting (pizza is a very cheap incentive by the way), always set this up at least a week or two in advance. Most people plan their moves on a weekend and an available moving truck can be nearly impossible to find if you’re calling for one the day of the move. So make sure to reserve your van, truck, or pickup well in advance to ensure you don’t end up walking your boxes to your new home.

  1. Don’t Forget the Cable

Moving can make you work up quite a sweat; the last thing you would want in your new home is to be without electricity, air conditioning, water, or worse, cable! Transferring over utilities should be high on your list of priorities, especially since most utility companies will not be able to visit the new location on short notice. In addition to this, you don’t want to be paying utilities for two homes, so make sure to set an end date on your current home’s utilities the same day as the move. On a side note, changing your address with USPS and cancelling or changing this for all subscriptions is probably a good idea too.

  1. Labels, Labels, Labels

Most people mark boxes or items with something like “Bedroom” or “Kitchen.” In their mind, they know which bedroom it is going to, and what kitchen items are in that box, but during a move none of this matters. Boxes will be thrown into a truck with several other boxes someone has marked “Bedroom” and now we have a problem. If you’re hiring movers, this simple mistake can make things much worse. So clearly label your boxes by specific rooms and what is inside. Don’t forget, you eventually have to unpack all of this.

  1. Just the Essentials

Moving to a new home can take all day and night, sometimes multiple days, and during this move you will most likely be required to go about your daily routine as though nothing has changed. More importantly, you may not have a chance to unpack at your new home for a while. Packing a bag of essentials can remove that unnecessary worry of searching for the toothpaste in the morning, that charger before your phone dies, or your car keys before work. The best way to look at it is to just pretend you are going on a vacation, have a suitcase packed with all the items you will need for that “trip.”

  1. Finishing Your Plate

An often overlooked part of a move is the amount of food that sits in your refrigerator or freezer. If your new home is more than a couple hours away, by the time you arrive, you may have a new bag of garbage where that bag of lunch meat used to be. There is a simple solution to this however; during the final week of the move, avoid shopping for groceries. Plan on using as much of the groceries in your home as you can. You could have some friends over to help if need be, but by the time you are ready to empty that fridge, you should be able to fit what is left in a small cooler with some ice.

Moving is never easy, in fact, it can quickly become a nightmare, but if you follow these five tips to prepare, you can plan on keeping that new home smile on your face throughout.




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