Check out our 6 Ideas to Beautify Your Front Porch and Backyard.

6 Ideas to Beautify Your Front Porch and Backyard

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Your front and backyard can become your greatest escape and it’s usually the first thing people notice from the curb. With first impressions being everything, here are a few tips to turn those unkempt and un-manicured yards into a beautiful oasis right outside your door.

Adding Stone Accents
Probably the cheapest way to go about beautifying your yard is by adding stone. There are plenty of options available to impress without costing an arm and a leg and it can be used for a variety of projects, adding a level of customization to your home. They can be used to create benches in the backyard, add to curb appeal with a custom walkway to your front door, create entire patios or simply accent an existing garden or tree. Pathways are also great for leading friends to your fire pit or gazebo. And speaking of fire pits and gazebos…

Fire Pits
Fire pits can be as modest or as elaborate as you want them to be. They are completely customizable and add an amazing focal point to your backyard. They can be as easy as stacking a few bricks in a circle and adding a few chairs around it to highly decorative stonework that incorporates seating into the design and also creates a nice barrier between sections of your yard. To add a little flair, create a ring a few feet around the pit and fill the space with sand. Kids and adults will love the little oasis you’ve created.

Much like fire pits, gazebos can be as extravagant or simple as you need them to be. To really turn a standard backyard into something magical, all you need are four posts and a roof. Gazebos are great for entertaining friends or creating a nice shady area for those sunny days. Hammocks and swings can be incorporated into the design as well to not only add to the customized look, but also serve as a reading or napping area.

Probably the most underrated part of a front or backyard is the landscaping. Gazebos and fire pits can be quite impressive, but it’s nothing without a surrounding of beautiful plants, trees, and intricate edging. To really make your yards stand out and add to your curb appeal, plant a few trees and bushes, and add flowers along your front yard walkway to create an inviting path to your door. Great landscaping can really accentuate stone and other custom work you’ve put into your yard as well.

Privacy can be especially difficult if you live near a city and can make those staycations nearly impossible to enjoy. Creating a private sanctuary can come in many forms. Fences are a great choice, but the cost can be a little overwhelming. Privacy hedges may take some time to grow, but not only do they add to the seclusion of your yard, they also give the feeling of openness beyond the hedges.

Sun Rooms
A sun room may not be the cheapest or easiest option to beautifying your yard, but it will definitely add to your market value as well as being a great addition to your home. Covered in netting or glass; heated or not; surrounded by a patio or just attached to the home; sun rooms not only add to your square footage, but can easily be integrated into you backyard haven.

If these helpful tips seem too expensive or time consuming to you, here’s an honorable mention. Cleaning can go a long way; power washing driveways, wood and sidewalks can make a significant difference. Don’t forget to always keep your already existing landscaping healthy and green.


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