6 Ways to Speed Up the Sale of Your House

6 Ways to Speed Up the Sale of Your House

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Need to sell your home in Orlando within a few months? Want tips and advice on how to find the best price in the shortest time possible? Here we list the top ways to steer the sale of your property at a quick pace. Check out how you can significantly speed up the sale of your property.

1. Make sure the price is RIGHT!
We can’t stress on this point enough. Research well and hard on the pricing of similar houses in your area and find out how much are buyers paying for properties like yours on average. Make the price competitive; yet convince buyers that the rate you are offering is a steal.

2. Get decorating.
No need to spend an arm and a leg on renovating the house you are planning to sell. Bring your aesthetic sense into play and enhance the curb appeal of the home by making it visually appealing. Buyers usually go for a house they can call a home the moment they step in. Add some warmth and love to make your place stand out. Clean, clutter-free, open, welcoming and well-maintained spaces are always a hit in the market. Add some flowers, move the furniture around and do the right lighting to woo your open house audience!

3. Always be ready to show off!
Okay, this doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Before you list your house, prepare it for the market at least 2 weeks in advance. Be flexible in showings – the less welcoming you are, the more you put off buyers. The most serious buyers are often the most needy or even inconvenient. Put up with them if they can put money down for the home!

4. Invest in Impressive Marketing
Hire a professional photographer to take aesthetically appealing pictures of your home. Most buyers these days use their smartphones to find the right place to move in – make sure your home stands out from the crowd by using high-res pictures.

5. Throw in something extra
Everybody loves a great deal. Sweeten the deal by adding custom upgrades, or be smart in your pricing to offer additional discounts or reduced closing costs. You’ll be surprised how minor details may work very well in your favor.

6. Be Negotiable
If the timing isn’t right or the market isn’t ripe, you may have to lower your asking price. Be prepared for negotiation and decide ahead what your lowest possible final price is going to be.

Sprucing up the details in your house and having the right agent by your side can increase the odds of selling your home to a large extent! Be prepared to go that extra mile to make a successful sale. Good luck!


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