7 Resources Used in Home Buying

7 Resources Used In a Home Buying Search

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In the market to buy? Need to find the right home buying search tool?

Key Takeaways:
• The trick is to make sure the information is accurate.
• Cross-check your sources to confirm that what you are learning is fact versus someone’s opinion.
• Contact a Real estate agent for accurate information about the market.

Here’s a list of 7 information sources you can use when searching for that perfect home.

1. Real estate agent

If a Real estate agent is worth his/her weight in gold, they will have a great website presence. It should be informative and help you establish who they are. Additionally, he or she should already have access to the best home buying search tools. Hiring the right real estate agent is critical for a positive home-buying experience. Make sure you interview several before choosing the right one for you.

2. Online website

If done right, online research can help you find anything you need to know about buying a home. Make sure that whatever you read online is relevant to your state of residence.

3. Yard sign

You can find these around neighborhoods advertising homes for sale. Just one Saturday driving around neighborhoods and you will have quite a list of homes to research further.

4. Open house

That same Saturday you can take advantage of open houses in the neighborhoods that appeal to you. Talk with the agents about the particulars of the home. Even if it isn’t a home you would want to buy, it will give you an idea of how much the seller is asking for it. This is good information when analyzing comparable homes in the same neighborhoods.

5. Online video site

If you can’t get out to see the homes in person, video is a terrific (and in many cases the best) option. Be aware some videos may have edited their footage with special lenses that can give the appearance of larger images in the video.

6. Home builder

If you talk to a home builder, be aware that the salesperson who works in the portable trailer onsite or in the model home, is working exclusively for the builder only. Your best interests are not going to be considered which is why it’s best to hire your own real estate agent.

7. Relocation company

Many times when moving due to a job relocation, your company will give you the contact information of a relocation company who will help you with finding a home to buy. Pick your own Real estate agent and allow them to work for you by choosing the home that fits your family best.


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