7 Safety Tips for Home Sellers

Real Estate 101: 7 Safety Tips for Home Sellers

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Hiring a trusted real estate agent to help you sell your home will attract quality buyers who will appreciate your home and all that it has to offer. Unfortunately, as with any listing, a for sale home may attract less than desirable people to your house. As your real estate agent, I understand this and I will take proactive steps to help keep you safe, as will other agents bringing their buyers to your home. With that said, it is a partnership and I’ve compiled some of the most important safety tips to consider when listing your home for sale:

  1. Require Advanced Noticed for Showings – Just because you listed your home for sale and we put the sign in the yard doesn’t mean that your home is a “come as you please” home. I recommend to all my clients that we put in place a requirement that all showings be scheduled in advance with my team and I. This will allow us to verify with the other agent that the buyer is qualified to purchase your home.
  2. Remove Family Photos – We all love to showcase our amazing families through the pictures that captured that special moment in time. However, we don’t always know the motives behind the people that may be visiting your home. It is highly recommended that you remove personal photos of your family while the home is for sale.
  3. Safeguard Prescriptions – Prescription bottles have private information on them that put you at risk of identity theft should they fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, these are must haves for prescription abusers. Make sure you remove them from common places prescriptions are stored and place them in a secure location.
  4. File Away Paperwork and Bills – Take proactive steps to protect your identity by picking up any important documents, bills, or other documents that contain personal information.
  5. Ask for an Electronic Lock Box – Our team only uses the latest electronic lockboxes that are extremely secure. When a licensed agent and REALTOR® attempts to get the key from the box, it instantly verifies their standing with the REALTOR® association as well as the validity of their state license. These lockboxes also report any openings immediately to my team and I via email and text messages. Lastly, we are able to restrict access daylight hours only.
  6. Secure all Weapons – This goes without saying but all firearms and knives should be secured. This includes that amazing set of gourmet knives your mother-in-law gave you for your anniversary. Trust me, they are not needed during a showing!
  7. Secure Family Jewels and Valuables – Diamonds? Tiaras? Original Monet painting? Make sure to lock them away in a secure location, especially anything that can be easily picked up and carried away in someone’s pocket.

I don’t share these tips to alarm you. My goal to help you understand how important safety is when selling your home. Everyone involved in the showing plays a role and it starts with your real estate agent. If your agent doesn’t require that your listing agreement include the requirement that all buyers provide proof of funds or a recent pre-qualification letter, then my suggestion is that you find a new agent. Yes, it is a little more work for your listing agent however nothing is more important than protecting you and your family’s safety.


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