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The OneBlue Story

We are often asked why we named our company OneBlue. It was not a name pulled from the air, rather a name filled with personal meaning to our founder, Kevin Johnson, and our overall commitment to our one community. To learn about our brand story, click on the button below.
The OneBlue Story

Committed to Excellence

Each and every one of our team member’s career in real estate is fueled by their passion for helping others achieve their real estate goals. The team members that make up OneBlue Real Estate have expertise that makes them leaders in the sale and marketing of real estate, Central Florida market knowledge, and providing resourceful and creative solutions for each and every one of our clients, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Our team enjoys helping buyers and sellers navigate the exciting (and sometimes intimidating) world of real estate and provide exceptional service focused on the individual needs of our clients.

OneBlue Mission

The mission of OneBlue is to be the real estate industry leader in delivering real estate services with purpose. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our services, we strive to deliver world-class experiences for our agents, team members, students, and customers, while delivering on our commitment to give back to our community in everything we do.

The OneBlue Leadership Team


CEO & Managing Broker
OneBlue Real Estate


EVP,  Operations
OneBlue Real Estate


Division President
OneBlue Commercial

Zack Zonker

Director,  Recruiting &
Talent Development

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OneBlue’s 11 Core Values

Values are the guardrails in an organization. The values of a company represent what you stand for, essentially the ground rules so that people know how to operate. They give a company direction and boundaries. At OneBlue, we are intensely aligned around our values and our mission as an organization. We have 11 core values here at OneBlue and we’d like to invite you to learn more about who we are by exploring our brand story.
The OneBlue Story