The mission of OneBlue is to be the real estate industry leader in delivering real estate services with purpose. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our services, we strive to deliver world-class experiences for our agents, team members, students, and customers, while delivering on our commitment to give back to our community in everything we do.

OneBlue icon is an 11-part aperture representing our 11 core values

noun | ap·er·ture | ˈap-ə(r)-ˌchu̇r, -chər, -ˌtyu̇r, -ˌtu̇r
1. an opening, a space.
2. the opening in a photographic lens that allows light to pass into the camera, controls focus.

We have chosen an image of an aperture to represent our company. An aperture is what brings an image into focus on the viewfinder of a camera. Our aperture is made up of 11 pieces to represent our 11 core values. These 11 core values help our team to focus on what truly matters, taking care of others and giving back to our community.

Prior to beginning his real estate career, our founder Kevin Johnson spent nearly 17-years in the hospitality industry and was heavily influenced by the Hindu faith that many of the hotel owners he worked with observed. In the Hindu faith, there is great significance on the #1 following other numbers like 10,001 and 100,001. The extra one signifies the beginning, not the end. For example, if a member of the Hindu faith is going to give $10,000 to a charity, they will give $10,001 as a sign that it is just the beginning of their support and commitment. The principal of +1 is at the core of exceeding customer expectations – delivering what the customer expects plus one more thing to demonstrate the commitment to their experience.

Of all the +1 numbers, the most significant of them all is 11 as it is the first one, the true beginning. That is why we decided to have 11 core values. Values are the cultural guardrails of any organization and our 11 lay the foundation for a company that is focused on our agents, team members, students, and customers.


We live our lives with the understanding we are all connected through our shared world.


We operate in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.


The future of our world is in our hands. We must respect it and protect it for future generations.


We identify and deploy leading edge technology.


Our strength comes from the diversity of our agents and team members.


We strive to be leaders in our industry, charting new paths forward to push the envelope of possibility.


We are honest, ethical, and transparent in all of our interactions.


We strive for excellence in all that we do.


Working together as one team, we achieve more.


We recognize that learning equals growing and we are committed to continually expanding our knowledge.


We are passionate about real estate and helping our customers, students, agents and team member achieve their goals.