Patricia Golden

About Patricia Golden

Ever since I read the story about Moses leading the people out of Egypt and into their own land, I believe that everyone has a God-given right to own a piece of that land. It’s my calling. I have devoted my life to helping people find their piece of property because it isn’t about the plot of grass or the structure on that plot. It’s about the love and fellowship built within those walls.

I am a United States Army veteran, mother and NACA preferred Realtor. My mission is clear to me and that’s to help you find a home that allows you to build a lifetime of memories with those you love.

I offer group mastermind sessions online where I educate and answer questions about the real estate industry. I have also co-hosted an AM radio show for the past five years that gives free advice to those seeking more information about the real estate process.

Residential. Commercial. Investment properties. Rent-to-own. Military families. I am a professional expert at all of these and have the distinct ability of walking you through the process from beginning to end. And when you think you can’t, I reassure you that you can. Why? Because I insist you get what you deserve.