How to Spray Paint Countertops

How to Spray Paint Your Countertops

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I know what you’re thinking. It can’t be done. The paint won’t stick to the countertop. Or worse. It will come off the first time water gets on it. I promise you that if you keep reading, these questions will be addressed. The first thing to do is to tape off all areas that will not be spray painted. That includes mirrors, walls and fixtures around …

5 Incentive Ideas to Attract Buyers

5 Incentive Ideas to Attract Buyers to Your Home

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She did everything she could to make her home as appealing as possible. Gingerbread foundation, gum drop fixtures and candy cane columns all conspired to attract buyers and make her home irresistible to anyone who passed by. Granted, she was trying to attract Hansel and Gretel instead of homebuyers, but she definitely offered great incentives to visit. The following five …

8 Easy Steps to Home Buying

8 Easy Steps to Home Buying with Zero Time Wastage

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As long as you are willing to take the time to do your research, you will find that home buying is actually pretty easy to understand. Hiring the right Realtor is the difference between sheer happiness in your purchasing decision and a catastrophe. Take your time finding the right Realtor who has the driving motivation to help you get the house …

7 Resources Used in Home Buying

7 Resources Used In a Home Buying Search

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Key Takeaways: • The trick is to make sure the information is accurate. • Cross-check your sources to confirm that what you are learning is fact versus someone’s opinion. • Contact a Real estate agent for accurate information about the market. If a Real estate agent is worth his/her weight in gold, they will have a great website presence. It should be …

Real Estate Home Buyers Denied Mortgage

6 Reasons Why Real Estate Home Buyers Are Denied A Mortgage

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Key Takeaways: • Pre-qualified does not mean pre-approved. • Changes in your credit score affect your pre-approval status. • Taking on new debt can negatively impact your chances to obtain a mortgage. It’s a terrible feeling to be rejected. Your heart capsizes inside your chest. Sweat creeps up around your hairline, your palms get clammy as the dreaded words float like …