Orlando Rent Prices Climb Faster Than Home Prices

Orlando Rent Prices Rise Faster Than Wages, Slower than Home Prices

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If you are renting in Orlando, it is no secret that cost to rent an apartment is rising fast. Well, according to a recent report from RealtyTrac, Orlando is one of several markets in the United States where rent takes up more than a third of the average household income. The report also stated that Orlando is one of 48-markets …

Median Home Prices Grow 13% in January 2016

Median Home Prices Grow 13% in January 2016

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The Central Florida housing market is off to an amazing start with double digit median home price gains in January! According to the Orlando Regional REALTOR Association (ORRA), the January median home price grew 13.87% over January 2015 to $176,500, and it grew 4.59% over December. The news is even better when we just look at “normal” sales (non-bank owned …

A piggy bank on the beach with all the money it saved from our top five tips to save on your monthly vacation home bills.

Top 5 Ways to Save on the Monthly Bills for Your Orlando Vacation Home

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If you are like most of my vacation home clients, you purchased your Disney area vacation home to allow you and your friends to have a place to vacation as well as to make additional income. After hiring a reputable management company, the biggest way you can ensure that you have a profitable Orlando vacation home is to put controls …

Check out our 6 Ideas to Beautify Your Front Porch and Backyard.

6 Ideas to Beautify Your Front Porch and Backyard

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Your front and backyard can become your greatest escape and it’s usually the first thing people notice from the curb. With first impressions being everything, here are a few tips to turn those unkempt and un-manicured yards into a beautiful oasis right outside your door. Adding Stone Accents Probably the cheapest way to go about beautifying your yard is by …

Top 8 Myths about Selling a Home

Top 8 Myths about Selling a Home

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If you have decided to sell your place, there’s a big chance that you’ll come across at least a few of these myths. Not every piece of advice you get about selling is true – let us debunk the 8 most common myths about selling a home. MYTH 1: You can sell your home on your own, hiring an agent …

How to Avoid the 6 Most Common Moving Mistakes

How to Avoid the 6 Most Common Moving Mistakes

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Moving to a new home is more than packing up your things and calling up a moving company. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when they decide to move: 1.    Hiring the Wrong Movers Working with the right moving company is half the battle. Hiring an experienced and reliable professional mover can help you save time, …