Orlando Rent Prices Climb Faster Than Home Prices

Orlando Rent Prices Rise Faster Than Wages, Slower than Home Prices

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If you are renting in Orlando, it is no secret that cost to rent an apartment is rising fast. Well, according to a recent report from RealtyTrac, Orlando is one of several markets in the United States where rent takes up more than a third of the average household income. The report also stated that Orlando is one of 48-markets …

Title Insurance Explained

Real Estate 101: Title Insurance Explained

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Your home is the typically the largest investment many people make during their life. As you begin to research the home buying process you’ll soon come across the term “title insurance” among the many new terms you will learn. There are other types of insurance you will need to get that are fairly easy to understand. You’ll potentially buy flood …

What is APR

Real Estate 101: APR Explained

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Responsible home buyers do their homework and research when securing a mortgage. You ask lots of questions, compare fees and interest rates, and more to see who has the best deal for your situation. One of the questions I get asked the most is “what exactly is APR and why is it different than the interest rate I am being …