Closing Cost Tips to Save You Money

Closing Costs – Tips to Save You Money!

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Learn how to partner with OneBlue Real Estate to reduce your closing costs when buying a home. When spring arrives, so does the first big push of the year for homebuyers. Many buyers are excited to begin their home search but are usually unprepared for the amount of money they will need to cover closing costs on their new home.

When most people think about the costs related to buying a home, they first think about the mortgage payment. However, there are many other costs associated with buying a home. One of the biggest costs that people fail to plan for when purchasing a home are the closing costs. Although, with the help of OneBlue Real Estate REALTOR, buyers can negotiate and help lower closing costs resulting in potentially thousand of dollars saved! Here are a few quick tips from our team to help you reduce your closing costs.

Closing Costs Vary By Lender

All lenders are not created equal and the amount they charge for origination and service fees vary widely from lender to lender. It is important for a buyer to shop for the best deal when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. Saving a few hundred dollars in these fees could result in your ability to purchase the home or not. While trying to compare lenders is hard,  the team at OneBlue Real Estate is here to help. We can set up a complimentary, no obligation client consultation with you and arm you with the tools and knowledge to help you navigate this process. Want to learn more? Call us at 321-250-5222 or email In the meantime, here is a great site where you can learn some of the mortgage terminology.

Other Fees Can Impact Your Closing Costs

In addition to the closing costs the lender charges, there will also be other required services that will be included in the cost of purchasing a home. Some of these fees include the appraisal, home inspection, termite inspection, and title insurance just to name a few.  Additionally, while some of the charges will be included in the financing of the homes, some will need to be paid for at the time the service is rendered. Some examples of these charges include the cost of the appraisal and the cost foe any and all inspections. These vendors must be paid before they will perform their services. Here is another place where having a trusted REALTOR by your side can save you hundreds of dollars on your closing costs. While you have no control over some services like the appraisal, others are at your discretion. One major, and very important, example of this is the home inspector. You want to ensure that you hire someone who is trusted and has a lot of experience in your market. Your REALTOR can guide you to ensure you only get the inspections you absolutely need saving you from getting unnecessary ones.


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