Turn a Small Backyard into a Selling Feature

From Zero to Hero: Turn a Small Backyard into a Selling Feature!

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Often times sellers think a small backyard is a negative when selling your home. However, by investing a little time and money, you can turn that small backyard into an oasis that buyers will love and that will add value to your home! Here are some ways to turn your small backyard into an oasis.

Choosing the Right Sized Furniture

When dealing with small spaces, bulky furniture can make the space feel even smaller. You want to create an open atmosphere that will make potential buyers relax and breath. Choose furniture that is functional yet doesn’t take up too much space. Instead of putting in a big four chair patio set, look to a two seat café set. Also, taller furniture makes the room feel smaller so stay away from bar height tables and chairs.

Inspire the Buyer’s Imagination

Many sellers make a critical staging mistake by over staging the space. Putting in too many things will make the space feel crowded and claustrophobic. Instead of filling the space with lots of stuff, focus on one or two focal areas like a seating area and a water feature. The water feature shouldn’t be too big but still be large enough to make the water sound obvious but relaxing. Another good reason for not over staging is to make sure the potential buyer can use their imagination to see the space how they would like to use it.

First Impressions Count

Many sellers put all the focus on the front yard and then pay little attention to the back yard. The same first impression rules for the front of your home apply to the back. Make sure that you remove all the clutter, pull weeds, trim bushes other plants.

With a little time and hard work, you can turn that small backyard into one of your home’s biggest selling features.


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