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Looking to gain the most value on your home? Three budget renovations to increase your resale value

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RenovationsIn order for you to earn the best bang for your buck, it may be essential to do renovations. Although, many renovations can add up quickly, it may not help increase the value at all. Here are three budget friendly renovations to utilize to enhance the resale value of your home.

First Impressions Are the Most Important

Curb appeal is a must when looking to improve home resale value. The potential buyer would see it difficult to give you the price that you are asking for if they don’t see the appeal in the home. If needed, invest your time and money on making your yard presentable. Other revamps you can do to help are pressure wash the driveway, paint the front door, and make your porch look welcoming. Having the help of family and friends or handling it alone will help the cost become more practical. Check out this article from better homes and garden for more landscaping ideas.

Once you impressed the potential buyer on the beautiful curb appeal its time to move that excitement into the interior design. Grabbing the attention of a buyer proves to you that you have something they want or they wouldn’t be interested in your home.

Touching Up the Interior

All rooms must be repainted and always look into choosing a neutral color. Get rid of any old wallpaper and borders and repaint the walls. Create a spacious vision by clearing any clutter in the rooms. If necessary, store away any furniture that is not needed to help with the idea of larger rooms. If you have hardwood flooring make sure you use some sort of polish, and for any carpets have them professionally cleaned. As for kitchen and bathrooms have them sparkling clean. Also clean and organize your kitchen counter and cabinets. Most of these recommendations cost little to none but help add massive resale value to your home.


Upgrades are a scary word to many, with the thought of huge cost coming out of the wallet. Although, there are many upgrades that can fit within your budget. So lets look into some reasonable upgrades you can work with to implement into the home. Here is an article to show which appliances would be best to upgrade first from life hacker

If elegance is the touch you are seeking for with the home, adding crown molding will assist with the vision. In the other hand box beams will help with a more rustic feel. Another way to improve value to your home is investing in the ceilings of the main rooms, such as living rooms or family rooms.

A quick way to update any room look is to add new fixtures such as lighting and door knobs, as well as painting or changing the hardware in the kitchen cabinets.

In order for you to get the full value you seek for in your home, it may require you to spend some money before selling it. But in the end every penny is worth it.


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