Pre-Qualification Results

Unfortunately, based on your initial answers in our pre-qualification application, you would not be able to be approved for the program. As mentioned on the Qualification page, the minimum qualifications for the program are:

  • Minimum 6-months of stable employment
  • Minimum household income of $50,000 per year (before taxes)
  • Minimum monthly rent budget of $1500 or higher.
  • Credit score of at least 575
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcies are DISCHARGED.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcies are in the payment plan stage and ALL payments are made on time.
  • No felony convictions.
  • No prior evictions or outstanding apartment collections
  • You can not be currently in default under a lease agreement.
  • Debt to income ratio (including requested rent) below 45%

Thank you for your interest in the program.