How to Spray Paint Countertops

How to Spray Paint Your Countertops

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Need to give your countertops a face lift?

I know what you’re thinking. It can’t be done. The paint won’t stick to the countertop. Or worse. It will come off the first time water gets on it. I promise you that if you keep reading, these questions will be addressed.

How to spray paint your countertops

The first thing to do is to tape off all areas that will not be spray painted. That includes mirrors, walls and fixtures around the countertop area. There will be a lot of paint fumes so make sure to prepare accordingly. Wear a filtration mask and open as many doors and windows as possible.

Next, sand the countertop down until it has a rough surface. This will increase its chances of the paint sticking and it will get rid of any thin layers of adhesive or other material that would prevent good adhesion.

Then, shake the spray paint can according to the instructions on the can. The little metal ball inside the spray paint can should be knocking around at a fast rate of speed for at least a minute.

Hold the can about 12 inches from the countertop and spray in long stroking motions. You aren’t trying to cover it all with one coat. Create light coats waiting for each one to dry completely in between. It will probably take about 2-3 hours between coats.

Repeat the spraying and drying steps until you have the coverage you want.

Finally, it’s a good idea to spray a couple coats of poly sealer on it to keep it free from dirt and moisture and to make it easier to clean the countertops in the future.

This method can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on brand new countertops. It’s ideal for older homes that need a little modernization. Do some research on the different types of spray paint for the best ingredients on your countertop surface.


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