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The Best Schools For Your Child: 5 Things To Look For

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A teacher helping students at their desks.If you are a parent, then you already know that a home search goes far beyond square footage and HOA dues. You have a child (or multiple children) to think about and their best interests play a huge role in your home purchase. Normally around here we talk a lot about homes, but today we are focusing on your child’s high quality of education at the best schools and how to get you there.

Achievement Statistics

The best schools out there are going to be backed up by achievement statistic. This could include the dropout rates, college enrollment percentages, SAT/ACT scores or other relevant data. These are usually published online or available by calling the district’s office. This information is very important because you can see how other students are achieving at specific schools, so if the majority of students are thriving, your child could too. Tying it back to a home purchase, these stats can determine resale value on your home in the future because others will want to be in thriving, high achieving districts as well.

Student to Teacher Ratios

Even at the best schools, student to teacher ratios will vary drastically. Having more personal attention for your child can improve test scores, learning ability and the overall experience whereas crowded classrooms can hinder your child’s experience. Find what these numbers are and compare them to achievement statistics at those schools for an understanding of how these ratios could affect your child. I’m sure you understand how difficult it can be to keep track of your own child(ren), so imagine what it can be like for a teacher managing a few dozen!

Safe Locations

Of course, safety is a primary concern to every parent and should be on your “Best Schools Checklist”. A safe environment leads to a prosperous learning environment, so take tours of different schools to visibly inspect safety precautions and procedures that are in place. Also, take a look at the crime rates. It may not be the best idea to send your child to a school that is in an area frequented with criminal activity.

Extracurricular Activities

The best schools out there will offer a variety of programs that can expose your child to different skill sets and experiences. These extracurricular activities are great for younger and older students alike, but also perfect for that parent who may need a few extra hours of babysitting outside of regular school hours. Maybe that one thing you sign your child up for will get them a college scholarship one day! Hey, it’s worth dreaming about, right?

Positive Environments

During your tour of these schools, try to get a feeling for how nurturing and supporting the environment is. Bringing your child along can let them determine how they feel about the school as well. Your child will spend most of their hours here, so making sure they have everything they need for a positive experience is crucial. Also, look at what food options are available to ensure a healthy nutrition for growing minds.

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