The HIgh Cost of Selling Your Home without a Real Estate Agent

The High Cost of Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

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Are you considering selling your home without a real estate agent?

Do you believe you will save money selling your home by skimping on the real estate professional and going at it alone?

Ooh… (cringes). You may want to think about that one.

Any number of things can go sour during a real estate transaction. Without a real estate agent by your side, multiply that statistic by a thousand. Take a look at what you will be sacrificing in addition to your money by selling your home without a real estate professional.


The paperwork in a real estate deal can be extremely confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terminology. Even reading it, you can have no idea if what you are signing is legal or ethical. Without knowledge of industry standards, procedures or what you are entitled to, you are an easy target for unscrupulous people to take advantage of you.


You can’t tap into a real estate agent’s resources if you don’t have one, so you are on your own to look for buyers. The network they have is extensive compared to yours, and it can move the process along much faster.


You can be easily taken advantage without a Real estate professional on your side looking out for your best interest. You don’t have years of experience buying and selling homes, therefore you don’t know the myriad of things that could go wrong. Nor do you know what to do about it when it does happen.


You don’t sell homes consistently, so you aren’t familiar with all the laws and regulations associated with selling your home. There’s too much to learn in a short period of time, and you don’t have the time to learn it.

Losing money

Without the experience, expertise and resources behind you, it’s likely that you could lose money on selling your home. Walking into this process without any knowledge of how it works and depending on the buyer’s agent to help you is like owning a jet, selling it to your buyer in mid-air, and then jumping out of it without a parachute. In a word, it’s crazy.


Unless you are a full-time marketing professional with years of on-the-job training behind you, it’s going to be very difficult selling your home without a real estate agent. Selling requires marketing and often marketing within a network of contacts that have been nurtured for years. This is part of the reason great real estate agents can get homes sold quickly. They have a large network.


Without a network (or Ghostbusters), who ya gonna call?  Without a buyer, it’s going to take time selling your home.


Do you know where to look for buyers? Do you have a plan? A real estate agent is so valuable in this area because they know exactly where to look and advertise for buyers. They know how to get your home seen and receive offers.


Negotiations can be awkward for all parties involved. If you have sentimental feelings about your home, it can be hard to negotiate selling it.

A real estate agent is an objective, unemotional third party who can speak on your behalf and negotiate successfully.


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