Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home for Christmas

Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home for Christmas

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The holiday cheer is here again! Get in the festive spirit and make your home sparkle, but make sure to take some necessary precautions if you’ve got toddlers on the tow looking for something shiny and colorful! Here are some tips from our side on how to baby-proof your home and prepare for a fun-filled and safe Christmas.

It starts with the tree

  • Go for a fresh, green tree and see to it that the needles aren’t falling out. You can also keep watering the tree to prevent that from happening. If buying one from the artificial variety, make sure to get a fire-resistant tree.
  • Keep sweeping the floor for tree needles or broken ornaments and never leave the baby unattended near it.
  • Display the tree at a higher, difficult to access location.
  • You can also fasten the tree to the wall and install a baby gate to block off access.
  • Make sure there is no furniture nearby that gives the baby access to ornaments on the tree or its branches. If you have a toddler instead of an infant, make sure you talk to them about Christmas tree safety.

Then come the decorations

  • Metal or glass ornaments should be preferably hung on the top of the tree so the baby can’t reach them. Cover the lower part of the tree with paper ornaments or felt decorations.
  • Make sure to check all lights, extension cords, wires, bulbs and electric sockets in advance and remember to keep them out of reach.
  • Keep plants and flowers out of reach of children even if they aren’t spiky or harmful.
  • Avoid holly and mistletoe when there are toddlers in the house – both of these can be hazardous if eaten.
  • Turn off all switches and unplug lighting from electrical outlets before sleeping to avoid an overload.

And finally the presents!

  • When packing gifts, try using a minimal amount of ribbon or none at all because small pieces of the ribbon can fall on the floor and your toddler may pick them up and ingest them.
  • After opening presents, discard your ribbons and wrapping paper immediately before the baby gets hold of it!

Remember, babies love all things shiny and sparkly, and the ornaments and decorations during the holiday season may tempt a baby to take action that may end up being harmful for him or her. Just take a few precautions beforehand to enjoy a safe and happy holiday. Jingle bells!


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