Top 5 Home Seller Mistakes

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There is something to be said by learning lessons from other’s mistakes. Since October 2014, I’ve sold over 40-homes in the Central Florida area and through these many closings, I have seen my share of critical home seller mistakes. These home seller mistakes have cost sellers money by them getting lower offers or even worse, their home sitting on the market longer than it needed to be.

Now I get it, selling your home is an emotional experience. It is the place where you have had amazing family memories, seen your children grow up, and much more. This is why enlisting the help of an experienced agent is key in selling your Orlando area home. An agent is an emotionally detached independent professional that can help you balance the emotions of the sale with the business side of getting the best possible price in the quickest possible time. After all, this is what is what you want, right?

As a professional that has sold many homes in the Central Florida area, I can tell you quite simply that when the home is clean, organized, clutter free, and priced correctly, the seller will ultimately get what they want. I also know that it is important that when a home hits the market that it is ready for action. The home should be ready for it’s grand debut on the market as this is when the home get the most attention from qualified buyers.

To help you get ready to sell your home, here are my top 5 home seller mistakes to avoid when getting ready to list your home with a REALTOR®:

More often than not, sellers feel that their home is worth more than what the market says it is. This is where a REALTOR® can help make sure that you price your home properly. As your agent, I can look at the facts, without the color of emotion, to tell you what I feel the market is dictating your home is worth. We then sit down as a team and devise the pricing strategy to sell your home. It is critical that you not put your home on the market overpriced. This will cause you to miss the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to exposure for a new listing.

The price your house commands in the market is directly linked to the condition of the house. If your home still has décor that was “the thing” in the 1990’s, it won’t command the same price as the same floor plan home that sold down the block that was recently updated. Same goes for the mechanical items of a home like air conditioning systems. Lets face it, it gets hot here and the last thing a buyer wants is to buy a home with an air conditioning that is beyond its prime.

Another big deal killer is BOLD wall colors. If I come over for a consultation, please don’t be upset if I ask you to repaint that hot pink wall that you love. While you love it, it may turn off a potential buyer. Take the time to repaint any bold color choices with neutral, broad appeal colors.

More than once I’ve come across a seller that overpriced their home and was unwilling to come down to reality when there was a fair offer on the table. I’ve heard the line more than once that “we don’t have to sell, we can wait to see if we can get what we want.” At the end of the day, the home HAS to appraise and if a buyer can’t get a loan, you won’t have a closing. In the end, that overpriced home that you don’t “have” to sell could sit on the market for a long time and then when you do have to sell, you could end up having to take less than you should.

I get it… having total strangers come through your home when you are not there is a pain in the you know what. However, if the buyers can’t see your home, they can’t put in that offer! If you are serious about selling be prepared to accept showings anytime between 9am and 6pm, every day of the week.

The landscape around how a home is sold has changed. According to the 2015 National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends, millennial generation accounted for 33% of all homebuyers in 2014 and that number has continually grown.

To sell a home quickly, it is imperative that any marketing plan be focused on this emerging market and that means digital marketing. If you hire me to sell your home, you won’t see me holding an open house. In fact, I recommend you run screaming for the exit doors if any REALTOR® has this in their marketing plan. Fact is that the Millennial Generation and even Gen X is not attending open houses, they are shopping online and that is where I focus my efforts.

Online marketing is king. According the report from NAR, 88% of all buyers used the Internet to start their home search. 87% of all buyers also reported that a REALTOR® helped them with their purchase. Of course, the Millennials and Gen X lead the way (60% of all buyers) as the generations most likely to use the internet, mobile/tablet apps, mobile/tablet search engines when starting their home search. Online is king and you need an agent who knows how to market you home online and make it sparkle!

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