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Summer Savings: 4 Window Treatments That Save Money

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On a hot summer day, most of us run to the thermostat on the wall for relief. A quick adjustment and you’ve won the battle, but then you get the bill at the end of the month and realize how expensive your victory actually was. What you may not know is you can save money while battling the summer heat, and it starts with your windows. There are window treatments that save money by keeping your house cool on the inside and fighting off the heat on the outside. These will keep your air conditioning unit running less often so you can start seeing cheaper energy bills each month. Read on for a list of 4 window treatments that save money:

Honeycomb Shades

A picture of energy efficient honeycomb shades.Honeycomb shades are a prime example of window treatments that save money. For the person looking to combine privacy with energy efficiency these are the way to go. They feature a layered design that traps air in individual cells, creating a temperature barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world. Double-pleated honeycomb shades prevent energy loss as efficiently as a 1/8 inch sheet of foam insulation.

Plantation Shutters

A picture of energy efficient plantation shades.This window treatment is fitted to the interior side of a window. They are usually a top choice because of their aesthetically pleasing look, but they are also energy efficient. Plantations shutters come in wood and vinyl, although wood is the better insulator of the two. The shutters fit tightly in window frames, meaning they also block the transfer of heat through air movement or convection, creating a barrier between outside temperatures and your home’s interior.


A picture of drapes that are energy efficient.Many people today see draperies as a bold direction to go in relation to home décor, but they are great window treatments that save money! Look for draperies with linings to block-out the summer sun and heat. The thickness of the fabric will determine exactly how energy efficient the draperies will be. For an added bonus, team these with honeycomb shades or a wood blind to maximize your energy efficiency.

Window Film

A picture of energy efficient window films.Window films are great window treatments that save money. These are sheets of self-adhering plastic applied directly to window glass and can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 70%. Some add decorative qualities like a crackled finish, design patterns or a stained gloss look. There are also different categories of window films that have different main functions. Some are meant to block out the light, others protect from heat and solar rays, or insulate from the inside. These window treatments can be installed on your own and run fairly cheap.

Regardless of which window treatments you choose, you will start seeing your energy bill go down with these installed. Another tip is to open your window treatments during at night to let the heat in your house radiate out. The first step to going green and energy efficiency is being mindful of the problem. If you need a dream home to put these window treatments in, click here!


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