4 Home Staging Mistakes When Selling Your Home

When you are showing your home to buyers, proper steps need to be taken to stage your home properly. Sellers can become very overwhelmed with all of the do’s and don’ts floating around on the web for getting it right. Creating an environment buyers can see themselves living in is crucial to selling your home, so let us simplify it for you a little. Instead of dumping a truckload of tips at your front door, here are four do-not-make staging mistakes to keep in mind when showing your home to buyers. These showings will be your first date, so to speak, so let us help you set the mood!

Leaving Personal Hygiene Items in Plain Sight

Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home. Having personal hygiene items out makes them feel like they’re invading someone else’s space and gives off uncomfortable feelings during the walkthrough. Not just that, these can make countertops feel cluttered and be displeasing to the eye. Make sure all of these items, such as hair products, toothbrushes, and lotions, are kept hidden. These staging mistakes will turn heads in the wrong direction. The main goal here is to make it seem like no one lives there so the buyer can easily jump into the saddle of purchasing it.

Having Controversial Items Displayed

Not only should politics and topics of debate be left out of dinner conversation (especially with in-laws) but they should also be left out of the home buying process because they are big staging mistakes. If you are a hunter, for example, and have your prized hunts mounted on the walls, that may be off-putting to many buyers who could be against it. The same can go for religious items because your buyers could follow a different religion than you. Everything from posters to table toppers to books should be free of controversy, opinion and anything else that could be tainted with debate or mixed feelings when showing your home.

Keeping Valuable Items in the Open

Remove anything of value from sight when showing your home to buyers. Having valuable-looking items out may give them the feeling you are able to afford extra concessions. At the negotiating table, staging mistakes like this could cost you more to get the deal closed. Staging mistakes can ruin a first impression and can leave the wrong impression of you when a buyer thinks you can negotiate more freely.

Cluttered Closets and Cabinets

When showing your home, buyers like to focus on living space and storage space. Keeping these places cluttered will not only leave a bad feeling to the home but will also hide the actual potential of that area. A home that appears to be lacking living and storage space will have a much harder time getting sold. So our tip here is to not only tidy up your closets and cabinets but, if possible, take items out of your house during these times to flaunt what your home has to offer. Renting a storage unit or storing at a friendly relative’s house will pay off in the long run. Now that you have the basics down for what staging mistakes to avoid, let’s get your home sold!

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