5 Things Every New Real Estate Agent Should Do

Once you’ve passed your state exam, here’s where to start!

Becoming a licensed real estate agent is an exciting time. A lot of hard work and studying has gone into your journey so far and you are to be commended. In Florida, on average, only about 50% of the people who take the state real estate exam pass the test so take pride in your accomplishment. Now that you’ve scored your license, here are the top five things you need to do.

# 1 Pick Your Broker – This is the most important decision you will make in your real estate career. Selecting a broker is like finding that perfect “work spouse.” This is the person that will help you get your business going, learn the ropes, and most importantly learn how to stay out of trouble with the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Meet with several brokers and see what each of them has to offer you in terms of training, technology, support, and leadership. One of the biggest things you’ll need to understand is the compensation plan. If the brokerage charges franchise fees or broker splits or charges for training these are HUGE red flags. This is how outdated brokerages do business, not modern brokerages that put the agents first.

#2 Practice Your Listening Skills – As a newly licensed real estate agent, it is important that you take the time to learn. You’ll no doubt have tons of questions so write them down and make sure you get them answered. Talk with prospective brokers and find out if they have a mentor program that will pair you up with an experienced agent for your first couple transactions. A good broker will have a mentor program and this is tremendously helpful as a new agent. Be a sponge with your broker and your mentor. Learn everything you can from them and then put your own twist on what they teach you.

#3 Tell the World – Now that you are a real estate agent, you have achieved one of the most sought after dreams for most Americans, being an entrepreneur. You own your own business as a real estate agent and you need to tell the world that you are an agent! Call all your friends and family to share your exciting news and to ask them to send any referrals they can think of your way. Your first few deals will more than likely come to you from people that know, like and trust you. Cherish these referrals and make sure you take care of them.

#4 Patience is Truly a Virtue – As a new real estate agent, you need to be patient. It takes time to cultivate a database and grow your business. Think of your real estate business as an oak tree and you’ve just planted it. Right now, it is small but with time and nourishment, it will grow into a mighty tree with deep roots and a wide canopy. So too will your real estate business if you are patient and work hard to nourish it with good business practices and lots of leads!

#5 Never Stop Learning – The real estate industry is ever changing and you are brand new. Do whatever you can to go out of your way to find learning opportunities. Take advantage of learning opportunities at your brokerage, your local Board of REALTORS®, and the Florida Association of REALTORS®. There are many REALTOR® designations you can get that will help you grow your knowledge all while demonstrating to the customer that you take your business seriously.

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