6 Superhero Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Competition for commissions is brutal out there and if you can’t find your niche, you’re going to drown in the next wave of opportunity that crashes on your head. Successful real estate agents work until the moon fades behind the dawn. Others won’t leave the office until they know their clients are happy. What separates stellar real estate agents from the mediocre wannabes? As it turns out, several things.

It isn’t enough anymore to be “good.” You have to be original. Creative. Willing to go above and beyond every single time. So, what traits as a successful real estate agent do you need to have in order to cash those commission checks and leave the competition behind you?

1. A brutal deep-seeded belief that you are the best agent for your clients.

They need you to guide them. You are the one who is willing to go beyond what it takes to see to it that they are happy. No one else has what you have to offer and no one ever will. It’s your birthright to help those who need your services.

2. Every phone call and email gets returned. Every. Single. Time.

There are no excuses and there are no delays. Just you and the telephone or computer getting back to them as soon as humanly possible. Customers will go to the next agent if you aren’t there to answer their call. Make sure that you are always returning calls and staying on top of answering their questions.

3. Every interaction is an opportunity to make clients feel understood and special.

Make clients feel that they are your top priority. Listen to them and take notes about what’s going on in their life. Look for opportunities to solve their problems and answer their questions. Mirror them. Get in sync with their moods and body language. Bond with them every chance you get.

4. You are the most proficient technology guru in the room.

Every technological device is used and synced at all times. You know the in’s and out’s of every social media trick and use it so much that your clients know you will see their questions right away.

5. Leads are the lifeblood of their business.

They know it and they treat it as such. No apologies are made for pursuing them. A brilliant and successful Realtor knows leads equals commissions. Creative marketing and being willing to go above and beyond other agents to land the client is always in the forefront of their mind.

6. An unstoppable, insatiable craving to network.

Every single spare moment is dedicated to meeting new agents and prospects, attending continuing education classes and seminars and immersing their entire focus on meeting new contacts.

REALTORS®, don’t just be great. Be a superhero.

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