Buying a Home for a Growing Family

Buying a Home for a Growing FamilyBuying a home for a growing family can be a large task to take on, but boy is it needed. That first home you purchased is splitting at the seams and now you need to find a new home to put it all in. The game has definitely changed since your last home purchase and your must-haves list needs some updating. You need more room to relax in, more storage space, maybe a better location that meets everyone’s needs. Buying a home for a growing family is not easy, but we can simplify it with this list of things to consider in your hunt.

The Right Amount of Storage

Right now your current home is probably plagued by a lack of storage space. Of course, it is, right? You have more people living in your home now than you once did. Inadequate storage spaces in closets, the attic, the garage and your cabinets have likely found a home on the counters, on the floor, and in other locations. This problem can be fixed with finding better storage in your future home. Look for a home that accommodates your family’s current storage needs, but one that will also meet those needs in the years to come.

Size vs. Functionality

When buying a home for a growing family, many people will focus on a minimum square footage in a home over functionality. It should actually be reversed. You can have the desired square footage in a home, but if that space isn’t organized for a large family it won’t matter. Open floor plans are popular features at the moment and will do wonders for providing your family with the space it needs to live comfortably. With this, plan how each area of the home can accommodate your family and your living needs. For example, if your family doesn’t utilize formal dining rooms, change that dining room into something functional like a second living space. You can have all the square footage you want, but if it doesn’t make sense for your family then it doesn’t matter too much.

Getting the Floor Plan Right

When you are buying a home for a growing family, the floor plan could be one of the most important decisions you make. Maybe when you bought your first home you planned for nurseries to be near your master bedroom for immediate action when needed. Well, now those infants and toddlers are growing up, so having the noise and mess near your bedroom may be a huge downer. Many parents prefer to have the master bedroom away from the kid’s bedrooms, so pick a floor plan that has this feature. Also, having a play area away from the regular living spaces will be great for keeping childhood play messes contained. Speaking of messes, we all know how dirty children can get. Having kids that dirty up their clothes on a daily basis leads to the laundry machines running pretty regularly. You might want to consider having them away from your living and sleeping areas to isolate the noise.

Buying a home for a growing family is less intimidating when you have help. Ready to begin the search for your family’s next dream home? Click here to start searching!

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