4 Tips to Find the Perfect New Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Well, it can be, but how will you know for sure? Homebuyers are all unique with their needs for a new neighborhood, and there are plenty of factors that will play into how enjoyable your experience will be. Understanding the importance of research is critical in finding your next community, which is probably why you’re reading this. You are looking for ways to find the perfect new neighborhood and we can help with that.

Sense the New Neighborhood Vibe

Everyone wants something different when it comes to a new neighborhood. Some want a quiet, more mature community with kindly residents sporting cardigan sweaters. Others want a more active community with people jogging and spending their days outside. Spend some time in these different neighborhoods to decide which one fits the atmosphere you want. Purchasing a new home is a long-term commitment, so you want to be sure you’ve made the right choice in a neighborhood before you lay down the money.

Neighborhood Amenities

Amenities a neighborhood may have are the cherries on top of a community sundae. Look for fitness centers, community pools, hiking/biking/walking trails and nature parks. Many communities will also have annual festivals, events or special activities that can give you enjoyment throughout the year. Drive through the neighborhood, research online, or talk to people who live nearby to learn what amenities a neighborhood has. Whether you have a low or high activity level, it’s nice to have some entertainment around the area.

We All Want Security

Security is a big concern for a lot of homebuyers, but there are some things you can do yourself to determine exactly how safe a neighborhood is. Area crime rates can be easily researched online and is important information if you are concerned about neighborhood security. Also, ask yourself questions as you explore. What security features do homes in the area have? Do people spend a lot of time outdoors on nice days? Is there an active nightlife? If the current residents feel safe, you should too.

The Location Factor

For many homebuyers, location can be one of the largest deciding factors in a home purchase. What is the downtown area like? How close is it to major destinations like beaches, airports or parks? Is there a quality school district? Your new neighborhood is going to be the central hub for all of your commutes, so be sure it’s a drive you’ll want to make. This is especially true in regards to daily work commutes. If you have found a home in a neighborhood that you are considering putting an offer in for, drive your daily commutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. This will give you the all-around understanding of what the location will be like for you. Also, keep in mind you’ll want to be in an area with a rising market. If the market is falling, you could end up losing money on your home purchase in the future.

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