Preparing to Sell Your Home in the Summer

Across the country, not only do the temperatures rise during the summer but also home sales. Sellers are selling and buyers are buying. The volume of home sales in June especially is typically 29% above the annual average and that carries over across the summer. Why is the summer so popular for the housing market? Many people want to move when school is out and the weather is nice, among other things. Preparing to sell your home in the summer is huge, so take some of these tips to heart if you want to make the most the hype.

Staging to Sell Your Home in the Summer

Like a great Broadway show, you must set the stage for your home buying audience! Wow them, dazzle them and make them feel like they can enjoy living in your home. During the summer many people enjoy the warm weather out in their yard, so make sure these areas are highlighted. Clean the porch, patio, deck or anything that needs a good tidying up. Don’t forget those outdoor repairs to your home exterior as well, such as siding and windows. Now that everything is clean and neat, set up your outdoor space like it is begging for an afternoon grilling or evening get-together. Setting the stage for summer fun will let your buyers take a glimpse of what hosting at your house could be like.

Plus Up Your Landscaping

Whether you want top-notch curb appeal or an inviting backyard, landscaping is an important thing to focus on. The first step is making sure what’s supposed to be green is actually green; not brown, crusty and off-color. A green grass will get people to your front door, so be sure it’s watered and well groomed to get that gorgeous green color. To accent, this, add pops of color with flowers and bright plants for a solid “wow” factor. Sell your home in the summer with a great outdoor presence.

Time for Refreshing

For every showing or open house, make sure the air conditioning is working and turned on prior to any guests arriving. After spending all that time around your nicely spruced up yard, your potential buyers are going to want some cooling down. It is summer, after all! Set the thermostat at a comfortable level for a perfect first impression when stepping into your cool home.

Even though there isn’t a good chance of you being home for a showing, it’s still important to be a good host! To complement the air conditioning, set out some refreshments for your sun-soaked buyers. A pitcher of ice water with lemons or the classic lemonade will do nicely to make your guests feel right at home. It’s always important to leave a great impression. Remember, the more a buyer hangs around your home, the more they become emotionally attached and want to make it their home!

Take advantage of the peak summer home sales with some proper preparation! Use these little tips this season to sell your home in the summer.

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