Why should I hire a REALTOR?

It seems like everyone around you is buying or selling a home. How do they do it? They have a REALTOR® working behind the scenes, making magic happen with your home sale or purchase. According to the National Association of REALTORS® Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers, in 2017, 89 percent of buyers used a REALTOR®, and so did 88 percent of sellers. There must be something to it, right? And I bet you’re wondering, why should I hire a REALTOR? Here are a few key reasons why a REALTOR® will be an important asset to you.

They Know the Language

When you travel to another country where English is not the primary language, life can be a little challenging, right? When backpacking South America, there were moments I thought I ordered chicken from the local market, and definitely got some mystery animal on my plate instead. This is why a REALTOR® is great to have at your table. If you order chicken, they will make sure you are getting chicken! They are professionals who are immersed in the industry and know the language to help you navigate it.

They Are Your Community Expert

A REALTOR® is your community liaison. They can provide information on utilities, zoning, schools and more. Even if you want a general know-how on the area you are considering moving into, a REALTOR® will be able to answer the questions you have. Will an area give you the environment you want for a home or investment? Will the area give you quality resale value when you are ready to sell? Put down the search engine, because REALTORS® will have the best answers.

They Know Contracts and Negotiations

In today’s world, a contract can be 50 pages long – not including addenda and disclosures. A great REALTORS® can help you work through the complex documents and make a customized offer that works for you. Plus, when it’s negotiation time, they will be an objective voice, focused on getting what is most important to you in a subjective situation.

They Have a Code of Ethics

When you have a REALTOR® at your back, their fiduciary responsibility is to you. They are a housing market super soldier, contractually bound to do everything in their power to protect you. That’s huge! Not only that, REALTORS® subscribe to the National Association of REALTORS® strict Code of Ethics, aimed at providing you with the best quality experience possible.

So, why a REALTOR®? The answer is because, for most people, a home sale or purchase will be the largest transaction you ever make. It’s nice to have an expert there at your side, making sure you cross your “t’s”, dot your “i’s” and (again) make sure that if you order chicken, you are getting chicken.

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